Stalker STK-3F PPC Sniper with Close Range Defenses

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The second guide today will be the infamous Stalker PPC build. There are many iterations of this build. This particular version tries to maintain heavy sniping capabilities without sacrificing close quarter combat capabilities entirely. Anudiz posted this guide in the current search thread. Be sure to drop by his profile and leave him a thumbs-up (link at the end of the guide).

Armor - StandardEndo Steel StructureDouble Heat SinksNo ArtemisView Build Online at

Stalker Ownage by Anudiz

Build Info and Engine

  • Stalker STK-3F
  • Standard Engine 280
  • Reduce armor on head and legs. Max all torso parts.


  • 2x SRM 4 (3x SRM Ammo)
  • 2x SRM 2
  • 4x PPC

Playstyle and Hints

  • Maintain sniping range as long as possible.
  • Avoid the temptation of heavy brawling. Your SRMs improve your close quarter capabilities a lot but this is a sniper build. Stay out of the action and use SRMs only to finish off damaged opponents.
  • If you notice a damaged component on an enemy. Try to take it out quickly with a precise strike from all four PPCs.
  • Set up a chainfire PPC weapon group. You don´t want to alpha strike every single time.

Link to original Author

Stalker Last Survivor by Anudiz