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Ever wondered if you should buy double heat sinks for one of your mechs, but didn´t want to spend so many millions just to try it and fail? Ever wondered how exactly the internal structure of the new mech you are saving for looks like? If it is at all possible to make that armament work? Wouldn´t it be nice to have an online tool that simulates the mechbay from Mechwarrior Online 1:1 and always have the most up-to-date patching data? Look no further, your prayers have been answered:

A guy named Smurfynet made a stats look-up site which automatically generates the data from the game files. In this way it is accurate at all times. However, the most excellent feature of the page is a mechbay simulator. It works exactly like the current mechbay in the game and allows you to plan and experiment with builds. If you register for the site you will also be allowed to store mech setups in your personal online mechbay.

Link to the page itself: mwo.smurfy-net

Link to the free online mechbay tool – Click here! example dragon loadout with tool example dragon loadout made with onle mechbay tool

The builds on this site will feature a link in the following style which you can simply click to view the setup on smurf-net:

View Build Online at

Be sure to check out the thread in the official forums and drop him a like:

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Best Thread in the official forums (Mechwarrior Online Mech Hardpoints) – Ohmwrecker´s Cheatsheets

In case you haven´t found this thread I definitely recommend checking it out. A guy named Ohmwrecker put together all the cheatsheets a serious mech pilot needs. The thread includes easy to read sheets on the following:

  • All mech hardpoints with locations on the respective chasis (Image, PDF, Exel)
  • Complete and up to date weapons lists (Image, PDF, Exel)
  • Information on all engines and their exact stats (Image, PDF, Exel)
  • All Pilot Upgrades

Ohmwrecker received the community contributor award for his contributions. Check out all the sheets in the official thread and leave him a nice response: Be sure to check out his Youtube channel as well:


Link to original Author

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