Pretty Baby (Awesome Hero Mech) – The Unstoppable Force

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With the Pretty Baby a powerful Awesome variant enters the battlefield. Those of you who can bring the required money to the table will be rewarded with an excellent Assault Mech which can outplay any opponent using its strong armament and the outrageous xl engine 400! This guide was kindly provided by  BertyBargo via the official forums. Be sure to drop by his profile and leave him a thumbs-up (link at the end of the guide).

Pretty Baby (Awesome Hero Mech)

Armor - StandardEndo Steel StructureDouble Heat SinksNo ArtemisView Build Online at

Build Info and Engine

  • Awesome – Pretty Baby (Hero Mech)
  • XL Engine 400
  • Max armor on all parts


  • 3x SRM6 (4x ammo)
  • 3x Medium Pulse Laser

Playstyle and Hints

  • Your torso twists very fast and very wide. Turn your torso sidewards when charging enemies. Your broad front is an easy target but when moving at high speeds and turning 90 degrees sideways you are almost unhittable. In addition the parts that will be hit this way have more armor and shield your XL engine. It is literally possible to Matrix dodge incoming projectiles.
  • As with all relatively fast Mechs: Try not to be the first on the frontline. It is very tempting to rush headlong into your death. Move at slower speeds at the beginning of the match or even better, try to circle around the enemies.
  • Try to distribute incoming damage. You can easily twist your torso to show more intact parts to your enemy, even your back is a valid option if your center torso is critical upfront.
  • This is an assault Mech but you can very effectively run away with it. You will live longer, can come back and increase your match score greatly by living to die another day.

A similar build can be used without buying the hero variant using a AWS-9M. You can check out the smaller build by clicking here.

Link to original Author


Mechbay Online Tool – Plan and Share all Your Builds for Free!

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All new builds will be posted only on the new site. The new site also features an improved layout and better search features. See you on the new page!


Ever wondered if you should buy double heat sinks for one of your mechs, but didn´t want to spend so many millions just to try it and fail? Ever wondered how exactly the internal structure of the new mech you are saving for looks like? If it is at all possible to make that armament work? Wouldn´t it be nice to have an online tool that simulates the mechbay from Mechwarrior Online 1:1 and always have the most up-to-date patching data? Look no further, your prayers have been answered:

A guy named Smurfynet made a stats look-up site which automatically generates the data from the game files. In this way it is accurate at all times. However, the most excellent feature of the page is a mechbay simulator. It works exactly like the current mechbay in the game and allows you to plan and experiment with builds. If you register for the site you will also be allowed to store mech setups in your personal online mechbay.

Link to the page itself: mwo.smurfy-net

Link to the free online mechbay tool – Click here! example dragon loadout with tool example dragon loadout made with onle mechbay tool

The builds on this site will feature a link in the following style which you can simply click to view the setup on smurf-net:

View Build Online at

Be sure to check out the thread in the official forums and drop him a like:

Link to original thread

Link to original Author

Endo Steel Structure Explained

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Endo Steel Structure is a Mech upgrade that you may purchase for roughly one million cbills on every mech (depending on mech size). It will provide you with a hand full more tons (5% of total weight) to play with but also occupy many critical slots (the lines where you put your equipment in).

Endo Steel Structure Upgrade

Endo Steel Structure Upgrade

Cost versus gain

Depending on your mech´s size the upgrade will roughly cost one million cbills. Beware that undoing the upgrade will cost you roughly half that amount again! In addition you will lose internal space to put items, called critical slots; 14 to be precise. In turn your mech´s structure will weigh only half and thus adding 5% more tonnage to play with. These 5% depend on your mech size and can be calculated as “Maximum tonnage times .05”. Example: for an Atlas you will have 100 tons and upgrading Endo Steel Structure will yield you 5 additional tons. A Hunchback weighing only 50 tons will get a bonus of 2.5 tons.

Dynamic Structure Slots

Dynamic Structure Slots

How does it work ingame: Dynamic Structure Slots

Once you´ve purchased the Endo Steel Structure upgrade, you will notice two new kinds of items appearing in your critical slots (the lines where you equip your stuff): Dynamic Structure Slot and Structure Slot. These mark the places where the Endo Steel Structure resides within your mech. However, they can be automatically moved to a certain extent: Dynamic Structure Slots can be treated like free slots. The Structure will be moved to another part of your mech (where ever some space is left) and you can mount your items in Dynamic Structure Slots like in any other free slot.

Once you no longer see Dynamic Structure Slots you are out of space. If you are out of space and still have some tons left, I´d recommend maxing out armor and see if you can upgrade a weapon to something heavier without using up (much) more space e.g. Medium Laser to Medium Pulse Laser.

When to purchase Endo Steel Structure

The following list will give you a rough idea on when to consider Endo Steel and when you should think of something else. However, certain situations and builds may contradict these guidelines.

  • Endo Steel Structure is  highly recommended on light and medium mechs. Heavys often times but normally never a good idea on Assaults.
  • If you need more heat sinks and/or more ammunition do not go for Endo Steel but consider upgrading to Double Heat Sinks.
  • If you are planning not to put much/anything in your arms go for Endo Steel Upgrade.
  • The smaller/lighter your mech the higher the chance Endo Steel is worth a look.
  • If your mech runs with a lot of lasers, stream srm2 and other small weapons with little/no ammo Endo Steel Structure is worth a look, too.

Cataphract Quad AC/2 Screenshaker Build

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With the latest patch from November 20th a new heavy mech has been deployed to the field: the Cataphract! One of the most appealing variants is the CTF-4X due to its four (4(!)) ballistic slots. Now lets see what one can do with this:

Cataphract Mech Image

The Build:

Cataphract CTF-4X

  • Standard Engine 210
  • Endo Steel Structure
  • Double Heat Sinks (~13)
  • Maxed Armor


  • 4x AC/2 Autocannon
  • 2x Medium Laser
  • 8x AC/2 ammo (put 4 in legs and 4 in torso protected with CASE)

Playstyle and Tips:

  • The ammo is very expensive so try to work with auto 75% rearm (turn auto-ream off and launch into new match).
  • Do not brawl first row. If you get caught in a melee fight with an Atlas you will likely lose. Try to stay in the 2nd row or keep at least 200+ distance.
  • If you find a Gausspult (Catapult armed with 2x Gauss Rifles) fire at it! The screen shaking from 4x AC/2 will ensure that the Gausscat cannot aim properly and will be rendered useless.
  • Only fire your lasers when encountering light mechs or when you have run out of ammo.
  • Set weapons to alternating (by pressing BACKSPACE) to maximize fun for yourself and screenshaking for your foes.
  • If you find yourself overheating a lot, try to fire in short bursts rather than holding down the trigger.