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Best Thread in the official forums (Mechwarrior Online Mech Hardpoints) – Ohmwrecker´s Cheatsheets

In case you haven´t found this thread I definitely recommend checking it out. A guy named Ohmwrecker put together all the cheatsheets a serious mech pilot needs. The thread includes easy to read sheets on the following:

  • All mech hardpoints with locations on the respective chasis (Image, PDF, Exel)
  • Complete and up to date weapons lists (Image, PDF, Exel)
  • Information on all engines and their exact stats (Image, PDF, Exel)
  • All Pilot Upgrades

Ohmwrecker received the community contributor award for his contributions. Check out all the sheets in the official thread and leave him a nice response: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/27065-ohms-quick-reference-sheets-for-all-mech-hardpoints-weapons-engines-pilot-lab-images-pdfs-excel-inside/ Be sure to check out his Youtube channel as well: http://www.youtube.com/maskedgamer


Link to original Author

Link to original thread

Mechwarrior Online Weapons List

Weapons Overview made by Ohmwrecker!

Check out the original thread by Ohmwrecker and drop him a like! He is an awesome guy:

Link to original AuthorLink to original thread